What is Advaita Atma Yoga

Advaita Atma Yoga
Our true Self or Atman* is eternal Being and awareness. Atman is Satchitananda*, nondual (Advaita*) and beyond form, time, space and causality. Realizing that we are the Atman our
 deepest aspirations of freedom, expansion, immortality, wisdom, unconditional love, eternal peace and bliss without limits are fulfilled; we are free from all suffering and we live effortlessly an without a break the peace, bliss and freedom eternal.

That's why all great sacred texts and the great spiritual Masters declair that the main goal of human life is the realization of Truth or the realization of our true Self (Atman, Consciousness) which is identical with the supreme Being (Brahnan, God).

Advaita Atma Yoga is a direct path of Self-Realization. It is an integral path based on the fundamentals principles of Advaita Vendata and the main paths of Yoga. Provides all the necessary knowledge and a variety of practices and methods and recommends also a sattvic way of living. All these facilitate the realization of our true Self (Atman, Consciousness) as well as the expression of the divine qualities in the world, (peace, love, harmony, wisdom, creativity and beauty).
Advaita Atma Yoga* as an integral path aims to the holistic, harmonious and balanced development of the human being at all levels: physical, vital, emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual level.

Considering health as an importnt factor of well being and spiritual growth are indicated also ayurvedic principles and applications as well as methods of natural healing, aiming the maintenance of good physical health and vitality and the reestablishment of psychological harmony and balance (vital, mental, and emotional). Good health and psychological harmony are the foundations for the individual and social well being as well as for the realization of Truth.

Advaita: Not two. This idea indicates the nondual nature of our true Self (Atman), and its identity with the universal Self (Brahman). 
Does not exist two Beings or Selves, the Universal Self and the individual Self. There is only one Self undivided and universal and appears to be individual due to its conjunction with the human mind and the veil of ignorance that covers his true nature.

Atman: Atman is called our true Self which is identical with the Universal Self which is named Brahman. ‘Ayam Atma Brahma’ , (The individual Self-Atman is one and the same with the absolute –Brahman), is one of the great mahavaykas of Upanishads that establish the identity of Atman with Brahman. 

Yoga: Means union with the true Self or God. We call Yoga the realization that we are one with God but we call also yoga the process to achieve this realization of unity or identity with God.

Sat is the Truth Existence absolute, Exist in eternity, never cesases to be.
Chit is Consciousnesso or Awareness absolute. Atman is self-luminous therefore does not any other factor to know Itself. 
Ananda is Bliss Absolute. The very nature of Atman is Bliss without limits.

 Peace, Love, Harmony